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Rameshwari Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Nagla Basua, Patholi, Agra is equipped with following facilities:

Library: Keeping in the view the trend & standard of existing modern education system, the college has purchased about 7000 books of different subjects and arranged them in its library which is equipped with modern facilities.

Transport Facility: To provide easy conveyance to girls & teachers college is running many buses on the basis of no profit no loss.

Audio-Visual Lab: Audio-Visual lab is equipped with all required instrument  and apparatus. Education is also given here by C.D., Cassettes received from UGC.

Computer Education: Computer Education is also available here.

Cafeteria: A self-service restaurant is available for students and teachers.

Generator: To provide electricity at the time of failure of regular electric supply  generator facility is available.

Laboratories: Well equipped labs of zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology are available.

Yoga & Meditation: Education of Yoga & Meditation is also being provided regularly.

Security Facility: Girls are not allowed to go outside the college campus without prior permission of principal and security arrangement for the security of students as well as college property adequately made.

Games facility: Indoor & outdoor games facilities are also available.

Hostel Facility: Hostel for girls is available outside the college campus.

Besides the above mentioned facilities Telephone, Fax, Photostate etc. facilities are also available in the college. 


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